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Future of the Wizarding World SITE PLOT

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Future of the Wizarding World SITE PLOT

Post by David Shuter on Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:56 pm

War broke out across the Wizarding world, Voldemort against Harry. But Voldemort did not just have Harry's Death in mind, he head the death of the traitor's son. David Shuter, Heir of Gryffindor. it was due to his father that Voldemort met his fall in Harry the first time. it was because of this, that Harry and David banded together to end Voldemort once and for all, and after a year of Horcruxe hunting, they did, but the school's were in ruin. The ministry almost member-less. Now it is up to the survivors to rebuild the wizarding world. but it won't be that easy.

Not 2 months after the war, David, Hermione. Harry, Ron and Minerva McGonagal were attacked by a vampire, he bit David, and killed Minerva. it was with Minerva's dying wish that David take up the headmaster's office at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

during those two months, 1  new  headmistress and 1 more new Headmaster took up office, Kesha Miller took up office at Beauxbatons Academy, and Ivan Feofan at Durmstrang Insitute.

In September, there started to be random attacks on muggle families. Aurors have determined them to have been killed by a band of Dark wizards, vampires and werewolves. this could be the return of the Death Eaters, and if it is, they have one goal. To find a way to bring back their leader.

now it is up to these three heads to rebuild and prepare for a new dark rising. will you help them?

Update {2/4/2014}: Lord Lambert has broken his death eaters out of azkaban, and things are starting to go down the same path as the last two wars. Murders and kidnappings taking place left and right. are the people you know under the imperius Curse? They very well could be. Remember, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer!

Update {5/11/2014}: Liza Saline and Annabelle North have been kidnapped by Lord Lambert for information on Hogwarts headmaster David Shuter and British Minister for Magic Charles North. They were then rescued by 10 members of the Order of the Phoenix, which included David Shuter, among many others. When cornered, previously thought traitor Harry Potter came to the rescue, saving them all. Liza is currently undergoing the change to become a vampire, since her injuries were severe. Other than a questionable lack of a few clothes, Annabelle North is physically sound.

Update {8/7/2014}: The reason for Harry Potter's betrayal was to learn Necromancy. To make up for betraying his best friend and brother by choice, he used his new knowledge (and his humanity) to bring back David's father. Ernest Moore is back from the dead. Not a moment too soon either, Jack Lambert and his army of death eaters, vampires and werewolves attacked Hogwarts. In the struggle, David learns this is indeed the same Jack Lambert who tormented him in school, and because of this, the Death Eaters are able to push back the defenders to the 5th floor of Hogwarts. Jack broke into the Headmasters office and stole Tom Riddle's old wand. he used it, plus an ancient ritual.. plus no small amount of necromancy, to bring the Dark Lord back. Now the world is in turmoil..sides must be chosen or all shall perish. to end on a good note, David Shuter and Liza Saline are engaged to be married!

Update [3,3,2015] There has been a series of murders and disaperences, including the Head Auror/ Second in command of the Order/ Wife to the Minter for Magic. Over Christmas Arthur Weasley was murdered as the burrow was attacked by Jack Lambert lead death eaters. The same week Voldemort himself lead an attack on Beauxbatons, destroying it. A month passed and Finally the Shuter family grew.. Liza Saline married David Shuter!


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